I have been teaching French students for a long time. And of course a lot of foreigners too. I thought I could teach all students, or almost all, thanks to the languages I learned.

However, as I did not know LSF, I still could not teach the hearing impaired community. During the summer of 2006, I took a leave of absence to take LSF classes at the Visuel Langue des Signes in Paris. In the 6 weeks intensive course I attained the 3rd cycle of level 6.

I met hearing impaired people there, who explained that they learned how to ski or snowboard on their own, by watching others. Not an easy thing to do!




If you have never skied,

a few hours of class will make it a lot easier for you and enjoy it a lot quicker.




For those who would like to have a more technical approach to skiing,

or to complete their knowledge,

with a few days of lessons you will be more easily able to ski on bumpy slopes or even black slopes.





Even if you have a good skiing level,

there is always the possibility to improve,

in off piste, or in the forest, or on icy snow, or even to discover places you can only imagine!




You have a beautiful language,

and I would like to share my knowledge of skiing, the mountains and my passion for snow with the hearing impaired community.



Lessons are for all from 3.5 years old and if you would like more information, I remain at your disposal,

so do not hesitate to contact me!



Isabelle SABATER
Quartier du Roy

Tel : 06 81 50 22 19

e-mail : isa@ski-surf-and-sun.com

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