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les pistes de Serre-Chevalier
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Here was the programme :

We left at the left of the highest tops (upper left of the picture)

We skied down along the valley (from upper left to the bottom right) :

it was 1200 m height difference, pure snow and each one having his/her own track !

At the helicopter base where we had a small briefing session in order not to forget any recommendation!


Here we are, we fly above the mountains which are all ours !




Last flying bent before the landing at Punta Ramiere



First great moment : above the Po plain with the cloud sea !


We took some pictures of the barrier of the Alps!


la Skiing down…



la preAnd finally pressure releases and pleasure starts !




We are amazed by the snow softness,

the sight of the unspoiled mountain which leads us to wish to discover any part of it.





And then here we start again for the second trip !


Before we go down, we look a bit at the other side of the mountain


On this day the landscape was full of just one color : blue !

Follow the guide !

What a perfect snow !

It looks like in a dream !




We end up skiing down, the helicopter is waiting for us:

a last drink when watching our tracks and it is already over !


Well, not fully over…when coming back to the helicopter base we could also see nice landscapes :


3 4

5 6


Did you guess why the horizon is no longer horizontal ?



Practical information :
- you receive an off-piste ski bag (shovel, sonde, DVA)
- Required level : at least Class 3
- price : 330 EUR€/pers., with 4 participants – extra run : 110
- The price includes:
* the guide (me !)
* two slopes (start 1000m-end at 1200m) in the morning or afternoon
* the other half of the day we ski at Montgenèvre or Sestriere.

Don’t hesitate to call me if you have any question about this activity