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The alpine ski is an old sport.
True but it has been revamped quite a lot in the recent years.

New material was used and everything changed, speed, control, sliding, etc. You can have now a whole range of different experiences.



Skiing makes you discover :



The mountains and their landscapes,
walking in the mountains while making off-piste
the snow level knowledge and security measures





New material and new ways to slide



What about you ?
What do you expect from your ski experience ?

- Do you want to experiment sensation ?

We will schedule together thrilling ski sessions respecting the weather forecasts and snow conditions





Do you wish to rehearse or improve a specific movement?

We will test together your technique knowledge and will fix the objectives of the courses.


Are you afraid of skiing ?

Accident, speed, other skiers around: I will help you to find the right solution to go beyond your fears and conquer the ski slope.








Surfing or snowboarding can be practised by any of you if you are motivated: the rest will come at your pace during the courses.



- Starting at what age ? from 6 years onwards, up until ... it's for you to decide !

- You do need to be in reasonable physical conditon as in the preparation for all sports,

- Protective clothing ? If you want to, then for your wrists and thumbs,the rest (knees, back, ...) it is really up to you,

- What do you get out of it ? The actual surface of snow is greater than that for skiing so therefore it will create other sensations; it is too difficult to describe them to you. How can you find out ? You'll have to try !



Sun ?



Aravet path after a snow fall...



Why the Sun ?


In the Hautes-Alpes region, the sun is totally part of our life : even in winter, we live outside. The air is dry and enables us to less fee the colder temperatures.

Statistics show that we have at least 300 days of sun per year. What are snow? Doe sit fall during night?
To have the exact figures you can have a look at Meteo France or the statistics of the previous years on my site.



What if there is a snow shortage?
The resort has invested in a whole range of equipments to get artificial snow on 130 ha of slopes, i.e. one of the largest area in Europe.

As for our blue sky, you should come and check it out down here…



Isabelle SABATER
Quartier du Roy

Tel : 06 81 50 22 19

e-mail :


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