15 March 2011


Editorial by Isabelle:

"THOU still unravish'd bride of quietness,

Thou foster-child of Silence and slow Time,

Sylvan historian, who canst thus express

A flowery tale more sweetly than our rhyme."

This is holiday time but soon it ends too quickly. Now being back to school or work is always a bit difficult and, with some nostalgy,  we remember ski slopes; moutains, trees (larches, pines?). And when you imagine your next stay it seems so far away -too far away- from you !

Don't worry: your active pace of life will keep you busy and you'll soon be back on the slopes !

If you're lacking the Alpine sun, I can share some of the sunny light we have here !

Cheers !


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March embellishes the moutains of the Hautes-Alpes:


Just before sunset, clouds take pinky notes under the moon eyes



The shadow of a fort of Brian�on is highlighted on the tops of the mountain







Wind plays with the alpine landscape and draws white waves


One of the several planes which fly in the Alps' sky, playing with the clouds


I was told by the children I accompanied this day at Serre-Chevalier that patetrns showed a dragon claws...



We can see here the different  cloud layers and the sun which doesn't succeed to warm up all mountain tops



The cloud just stopped on the Cucumelle top


North Pole? Not at all!

Just the arrival of the cable car of Clôt Gauthier under  a severe wind and a very sky sun


These cloud hats are beautiful on the snowy mountains.


This is the new cable car which enable us to get to Monêtier in 7 minutes

This is an occasion to show it to you

The Cucumelle slopes have become the place-to-be for off-piste ski, and there is space enough for all of us !

It's currently snowing on the Alpes and I bet this will give us more beautiful landscapes in the coming days !!

to be cont'd........




Season 2010 / 2011


Snow heights

15 Dec.

15 Jan.

15 Feb.

15 March

15 Apvril

** lower slopes

140 cm

35 cm

25 cm


** upper slopes

210 cm

175 cm

165 cm


Last fal


9 Jan

15 gFeb

15 march


sun days






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