15 january 2014


Hi everybody,

Happy new year to you : my best wishes for a lot of skiing, snow and sun, in a word winter pleasures !
The snow has regularly fallen and we have a good layer of snow. As for off-piste, we need to be careful because the snow texture is different due to the wind and high variations of temperatures. A good anticipation of the snow evolution enables however to enjoy this activity.

Have fun skiing!


P.S : should you wish to make any comments on the pictures or themes, don’t hesitate to send them to me




In this month of January, please allow myself a small reportage on an off-piste track, the Jakson slope at Monêtier.

The itinerary starts on the highest tops on this picture (centre) and ends down at the bottom of this mountain group.



This is the start of the trip, at the top of the cable car of the Iret.



We cross a bit, then go up a bit too and we reach the first slope.


Before skiing down, we enjoy an amazing landscape !

The rest of the itinerary is special as it continues among rocks.





We have to take the skis off and climb a bit.




And here’s the main slope…


that goes on with a large way that cannot be seen from above...


We continue with a small way up to la Balme.
After a 5-10 minute-walk, we can enjoy a magnificent view of the Jakson slope.!




We can now ski down with the F.A.T. skis






The snow is fresh, cold powder and it is absolutely sensational, like a giant dessert!



We end up with a typical blue-white picture of the adventure.



We even discovered a mountain chelt. ...





See you soon !



Season 2013 / 2014


Snow height


15 Décember

15 January

15 February

15 March

15 April

*** Lower slopes



55 cm

** Higher slopes

165 cm

Last fall

14 january

Days of sun

    252 days
10 days



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