9th november 2013


Hello everybody,

Times flies and here I am for the new season! Snow started slowly to appear on some mountain tops: will we have a nice winter? A perfect winter with sun all day long? Will it be not too cold? We will know it in a few weeks.

Before the station opens, I travelled in other places but not on my skis!


P.S : should you wish to make any comments on the pictures or themes, don’t hesitate to send them to me




This year I travelled a bit more than usual: I first went as usual to Fontainebleau and its rocks :




(left) I promise : the rock fell by itself , I didn’t touch anything !


For the night we had a special refuge up in the air ...





In the middle of the adventure park, we reserved a tent and we slept at 12 m high…



I also spent some days in the world of silence in Paris where I had the chance to meet the world of hearing disabled people

With Magali, one of my friends, we visited the Discoveries’ Museum in the Grand Palais building with a guide for hearing disabled persons.




We then went to admire the sunset and it almost looked like the sun of the Hautes-Alpes !!


For classics, we also passed by the Moulin Rouge (I couldn’t help but taking a picture)


In the afternoon, we made a snack break when passing by this small bakery ...



Finally, I could see a play at the International Visual Theatre


It was a real surprise: the actors were four hearing disabled persons and two hearing persons who played the scenes in the sign language. For hearing people, there was a teller voice off.
Don’t hesitate, to go there, it is worth the visit !



They will warm us up a bit during the cold season but I promise the drinks are not so strong.




See you next month !!



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