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15 April 2013


Dear all,
What a month in April : we saw some many weather changes : cold, snow, sun, warmth and.. ski of course ! Snow was constantly changing from powder snow to melting snow.
The landscapes are still whitish and we can still ski on all the slopes: it is really a pity that the resort closes on 28 April.
Have a look down at some pictures !



P.S : should you wish to make any comments on the pictures or themes, don’t hesitate to send them to me !


The snow :




It is such a joy to ski in the forest among the larches and make our own tracks, alone in the world !


All winter long, the snow fell on the mountains, covering them up with a white pure color



The clouds plays at hide and seek




Her again the white color shines and impresses


This winter, I decided to increase skiing pleasure and tested the F.A.T. with 115 mm at the top of the ski: it is incredible !




I could go on any slope like these in Montagnole slope, at Monétier




I also tested them here in the narrow path of the Chapel at Villeneuve ...


During the month suddenly, warmth showed up…


…and the huge quantity of snow started melting giving snow creating snowslides, very watery (see these pictures taken under the cable car in Monêtier)


This is the last picture of the winter: the Prorel mountain in the Briançon resort.



If I don’t see you next week ;

I wish you a nice summer time and I hope to find you back in the Alps next winter.

Have fun and see you soon !


Season 2012 / 2013


Snow height (cm)

29 november

15 December

15 January

15 February

15 March

15 April

** Lower slopes


115 cm

60 cm

75 cm

90 cm

70 cm

** Higher slopes

145 cm

250 cm

150 cm

170 cm
205 cm

280 cm

Last fall

28 november

18 decembre

8 january

24 february
12 march

12 avril

Days of sun

288 j

10 j

41 j

54 j

77 j



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