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15 March 2013


Good morning !
A lot among you discovered the snow in city centres, in the countryside or at the sea coast ! I hope that the situation is now back to normal without too much dammage.
The snow down here is just pure pleasure: we have a good layer of it and we can ski in excellent conditions. On the north sides of the mountains, the snow remains cold and more are expected to fall.
So…don’t hesitate to come and test it.

P.S : should you wish to make any comments on the pictures or themes, don’t hesitate to send them to me


The colour of the last days :



Here are some images from an off-piste run around the Prorel mountain :

We first played among the larches

Then we played at hide and search among the rocks


And we could not stop playing

we continued in the forest which was quite a fun !


L'après-midi nous sommes repartis

dans les couloirs

proches du télésiège la casse du boeuf ...





We continued in the afternoon in the narrow paths close to the Casse du Bœuf cable car



The sun even showed up






Technically, we also worked on trajectories and race techniques ...





The famous sky of the Hautes-Alpes :

(These two pictures are just a proof of the regular sky down here)


The Monêtier slopes with powder snow :

We can see at the background the tops of the Queyras region and the clouds which will bring the snow !!



Just waiting for you to join me !!


As we are in March some animals start to show up after the winter ...




The small wild mice are hungry and adventure on the ski slopes !!!




Season 2012 / 2013


Snow height (cm)

29 november

15 December

15 January

15 February

15 March

15 April

** Lower slopes


115 cm

60 cm

75 cm

90 cm


** Higher slopes

145 cm

250 cm

150 cm

170 cm
205 cm


Last fall

28 november

18 decembre

8 january

24 february
12 march


Days of sun

288 j

10 j

41 j

54 j





- Practical information for the heliski:
- You receive an off-piste ski bag (shovel, sonde, DVA)
- Required level : at least Class 3
- Price : 330 EUR€/pers., with 4 participants – extra run : 110
- The price includes:
* the guide (me !)
* two slopes (start 1000m-end at 1200m) in the morning or afternoon
* the other half of the day we ski at Montgenèvre or Sestriere.

Don’t hesitate to call me if you have any question about this activity




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