18 january 2013


Editorial by Isabelle

Bonne année !

Happy New Year to you all with a lot of wishes fulfilled, and especially some holidays at the mountain, under the sun and with an ideal snow, but also all the best for the rest of course!

At Serre-Chevalier, winter brought snow, sun and…cold ! The pictures below were taken during the last month. There are a lot of tracks in off-piste which brought a lot of sensations to the skiers.

A bientôt !



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I would like to share with you some of the snow landscapes.


During sunrise at Serre-Chevalier…

…when we discover the brand fresh layer of snow...






then ...


…we take off for little adventures

...on the Cucumelle offpist

We can also go the other side of the Cucumelle mountain:

the spot is called Roche-Corneille.

Let’s go into the forest and observe where I work…






…as well as the water in different conditions :








At sunset, the sun enlights the mountains.






Saison 2012 / 2013


Snow height

29 november

15 December

15 January

15 February

15 March

9 April

** Lower slopes


115 cm

60 cm




** Higher slopes

145 cm

250 cm

150 cm



Last fall

28 november

18 décember

8 january



Number of sunny days

288 days

11 days




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