15 April 2010


Editorial by Isabelle

Hello !

We're already at the end of the winter season and at the end of our series of newsletters.

What a winter !

You' ll find below some pictures of the slopes at this very moment. it's quite impressive for this period fo the year , especially when we think at how it was at the beginning of the winter.

Until next winter, my thoughts are with those who have to go back to school/work and those expecting the next holidays (always too short)

See you 8 months !!



Reportage fo the month: 


I wanted to highlight the nice kids who offered me a lot of beautiful drawings.

I apologise for the selection but I couldn't post all of them .











How nice is Briançon after a snow fall in ...January??

no, it wasn't in January

but last 12 April!!!!

Unbelievable !


Serre-Chevalier resort remained 

covered in its entirety 

with a good layer of snow



Even the cucumelle slope is of a pure white on 16 April. 


At that time, it's usually half white, half rock grey. 


Below : a picture of the resort in April 2008: only a large snow band going down among the Spring grass.



Season 2009 / 2010


Snow height

15 Décember

15 January

15 February

15 March

15 April

** @ 1st ski lift level

110 cm

115 cm

80 cm

35 cm

** @ highest ski lift level

220 cm

240 cm

230 cm

280 cm

Last fall


9 January

21 February

4 March

12 April

Days of sun

7 d

38 d

50 d


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