# 14

15 March 2010


Editorial by Isabelle


What a month for me !!!! what about you? Were you also frozen in your country?  what about the sun? 

The sun completely disappeared from Serre-Chevalier. We almost felt as we were in Savoie! just right among wind, snow and cold. From mid-March, sun is back and what a change !

So I need to admit that sometimes the sun in the Hautes-Alpes plays us some tricks, but it's now over  and I'll tell you more next month.

Cheers !



Reportage of the month:

snow, obviously !


Here's the landscape we see each day since.... forever? :-)



The posititive side of it? 

Fresh..super fresh...extra fresh snow !



Look at the result: nice slopes ready to welcome YOUR track!


I think I've never seen so much snow on the moutain Cucumelle.

This moutain is rarely so whitened under snow


As for the pupils....where's the rest of the body under this helmet ?


Everybody enjoyed it: 

we can see tracks everywhere.


(here in Chantemerle !) 


We're here in Villeneuve in front of the Jules' hill



For some days now, the sun is back but for less cold, we need to wait a but more !

The good side of all this is that snow is definitely not melting down as it uses to do in Spring time.

April promises to be a wonderful month !



Season 2009 / 2010


Snow height

15 Décember

15 January

15 February

15 March

15 April

** @ 1st ski lift level

110 cm

115 cm

80 cm


** @ last ski lift level

220 cm

240 cm

230 cm


Last snow fall


9 January 

21 February

4 March


days of sun

7 d

38 d

50 d



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