20th february 2010


Editorial by Isabelle :

We are now at mid-term of the winter season and it’s now only 2 months before the station close. Snow is still well present on the slopes and it’s snowing right at the moment I’m writing this message. In the coming days, we’ll go and ski in the forest with just the right amount of fresh snow. I’ll think about you but not too much as I don’t want to be too sad!

Cheers !


* Story of the month: my intern Amandine and deaf pupils


Amandine is a student at Aix-en-Provence University.

She’s learning the sign language to take care of groups of deaf pupils.

She wants to join an interpreter school to help deaf persons in the future in all aspects of their daily life.




For one week she attended all courses for hearing impaired skiers

but she also helped me when we had to rescue some of them

(here in fresh snow)



At the button lift, she went first showing how to proceed with the material and speed of the machine.


In the forest, on the picture, Amandine is waiting for Maylis.

Maylis is deaf but can speak.

She doesn’t communicate with the sign language and reads on the lips.


Amandine also participated to the course of Alexandre who is deaf and communicates only via the sign language.


Picture of the month:

a pretty impressive fall in a hole filled with fresh snow!


It’s a bit cold but… comfy enough!


This last picture is just to show you a bit of fresh snow on the slopes.




Saison 2009 / 2010


snow depth

15th December

15th January

15th February

15th March

15th April

** @ first ski lift level

110 cm -

115 cm -



** @ hight ski lift level

220 cm -

240 cm -



Last snow fall


9 january-

21 february-



Number of sunny days
(from 1st Jan. 2010)

7 d -

38 d -




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