15th December 2008


*Editorial* :

Welcome! As you might have heard it, snow has fallen onto the Alps and Serre-Chevalier was not the last resort to get his part ! Our villages are so beautiful under this snow cover.
For those who will be able to come & ski for the next holiday season, we may have the impression to be in Santa Claus land!
I send you my best wishes for the year to come and enjoy the season’s festivities with your friends or family.

Talk to you soon on this page!!



Some pictures of the mountains covered by the snow :


on the slopes ...

Le cimetière ...

My car ... !



*Did you know…?* ?

We had some great news this mid-year for the Briançon region.

The fortifications realised by Vauban, a military engineer of King Louis XIV,
have been inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List on 8 July 2008.

The defensive engineering system of Briançon and Montdauphin fortications
will from now on be preserved
and valorised by the UNESCO.

Briançon :
Strategically perched on a rocky peak, the old twon of Briançon, at an altitude of 1326 m, is an outstanding and unique site of mountain fortifications. Enclosed by ramparts of Vauban's design, it is also surrounded by high mountain forts making the town impregnable. The majestic site bears witness to the great engineer's genius and versatility.

Mont-Dauphin : the fortified town was built by Vauban from 1693 to stop any invasion from italy. France made it a national monument in 1966. An unusual town set in a glorious mountain scenery, it offers a unique glimpse into 18th-century military life with it is well-preserved walls, moat, unifinished church, barracks, arsenal and powder magazines.

Text source: Documentation of the Tourism Committee of the Country.
Pictures: Isabelle Sabater


Season 2007 / 2008


snow depth

15th December

15th January

15th February

15th March

15th April

** @ first ski lift level

70 cm

- cm

- cm

- cm


** @ hight ski lift level

230 cm

- cm

- cm

- cm


Last snow fall

15 th december





Number of sunny days
(from 1st Jan. 2007)

250 days

to be announced

to be announced

to be announced




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