Hello Nicky and David !
Here we are Nicky,
crossing slowly, slowly, ...
... there are too many people !
even a group !

looking at the skis again,

it's so hard to check everybody !

but ...
slowly, slowly, ...
she manages to do it with parallel skis,
and turn by snowplow ...
using the poles to get the balance ... !

looking at the skis ... we never know ...

maybe they go away !!!!


and now, ...
... so fantastic : nobody !


then Nicky can look ahead,

she can be more relaxed ...

and ...

... and smile !!!
Congratulations Nicky, you've overcome your fear !!

Here we are David,

begining slowly,

having the hands forward,


bending a head,


... but,


leaning inside on the turn,

having the weight inside.

And now he is going fast, nice !

Do you see ? ...
... nobody on the slope !
we asked to close the slope during the movie ... !!
we can do that for the stars !!
oh ! I forgot something : ...
... David loves his skis ...
... then he's always looking for them !!
And thank you for your big smile !

see you both next year

we will do off piste !!!!

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