Hie Isabella !




Do you remember ?

here you are in Chantemerle

trying to drive your skis in parallele ...

you were so concentrate !
This week you had learn to bend forward ...

in this picture you can see ...



you get it !

you have, now,



to learn to press on the ski outside the turn



you can see that :

your weight steel on the inside ski

BUT ! this week of ski,


you had learn something very important ...
your confidance !!

you are not scared !



the hill is not a problem !

you had learn to look ahead !
so, you improve so much !

congratulation !!
making the pictures,
it was hard to follow you !
Bravo !



So when you will come back,

I hope to be with you

for to teach you more and ski in blacks slopes !!


See you soon !




retour journal des élèves 2013