Hi !


begeners the first day,

and few days later, here we are !



at 2000 m altitude taking the skilift !


and trying going down ...
slowly ...
... slowly
but it's so hard to keep on the correct position ...
... and the front edge is not helpfull at all !

You can't see their bump,

but falling all the time they were so ... (imagine)

(I precise that, they didn't show me)


in those pictures, they were training :

to learn how to transfer the weight from front to back on the snowboard

and they won !!!
and we went higher up ...
and slowly, slowly they went on the blu slope,
controling the speed
and we accross to a wide slope
with no one !
so long, very long turn, ...
trying to get the correct position for not ... fall !
having a nice position :
leggs band, looking ahead and the weight on toeses



congratulations ! you did it !!

it was a very fun and sunny week !

retour journal des élèves 2011