Hy Shelley !


here we are !!
at the realy top !! well quite !!!



do you remember ? on the slope ? you were training to ski with parallel turns ...



and you had a realy good position :



pushing your knees forward



transfering the weight to the outside leg

and trying to look ahead, for to choice your way

and we were so luky : it was sunny, blue sky, and a so wonderfull snow

and so much place to ski !

do you see how you were concentrated ? it was helpfull : you had learned so much !

we will see that later :

you were be abble to ski in parallele turns !!!

you can't really see but for the exercice you were lifting the inside ski !!!

you were pressing in the outside ski

banding the leggs, looking ahead for not crash into the little boy ...

and a parallele turn !

pushing forward,

pushing the knee more as you can !

well we can say it was so wonderfull !

you were sliding so slowly !

so you had push with your poles !

and again a perfect turn !


you looks like happy and you can be !! with those progress you can ski every where !!!

mmmhhhh ....maybe not on blacks .... yet !

see you maybe a next time !!!

a big kiss


retour journal des élèves 2010