Hello Eleni !!

Did you remember this nice week ?





wonderful snow, wonderful sun, nobody on the slopes,

well, perferct ?

Here we were in Chantemerle, on a blue slope





you show me your nice turns : good rythm,

leggs bend, pushing forward,




hands forward too

looking ahead,
pressing on the outside legg during the turn,
preparing your arm to plant the stick
and a good estension on the begening the turn

the weight on the downski


and a nice smile ...

that's a pretty skier !!

now we are going to Briançon
having a good position you were turning with a good rythm
there is something that you had to change the next time :
is the begining of the turn : you open to much the legg uphill

so you loose so much time

then wen you have bumps or ice ... it's more hard

and you feel not in confidance,

now we are skiing in the red slope coming from Briançon
between the trees
and we can see at the top the Prorel mountain with an Eleni so happy !

Did you remember who is skiing ?



I wish you a good autumn !

see you soon in Serre-Chevalier !!!


retour journal des élèves 2009