Hello Anna !!



did you remember ? it was the last lesson together :

on the first lessons you were so afraid !

you decided to stop if at the end of the first lesson it still to hard





but you won !!

you had learn the right position and

with your new balance you were so happy !!!

so from the ski lift for beginners at the bottom,




you had finish on blue slopes in the mountains


here you are with a nice stance :

shoulders, hands and feets to the same direction

looking ahead, relax ....
accrossing the slope
having the legs bend,

changing slowly the weight from back side


to front side

it's the harder turn ...

now the weight is in the middle
and now we can see that you are front-side
here you looks like without snowboard !!! you were so relax !
you accross again to join me

so a small slide help you to control your speed

and I win a so happy smile !!!!


Congratulation Anna, you had descover that "you can do it" !!! did you remember ??

So see you soon


retour journal des élèves 2009