Hye everybody !


Here were are at the botom of the black run ... !

at the top they were not really smiling ...

On the right picture Jenny does not controle her turn ... she had meet a red pole !

it pass between each leg !! it was so funny !


Now you will see how they ski in a black run ...


Under a nice sky, without sunglasses ...


it's not so bad : in control looking ahead, but to much seat


one of the brothers had tryed to fly ...


but nothing happend !


the legs were to close, then you had lost your balance, and you had oppened your arms


oh ! my italian guy !


with his cool attitude ...


a little beat sit on the back ...


oh ! sorry I didn't see your bag !


here we are a friend : open jacket ...


with the ands so down, then you are not enough forward


and now a tense attitude : the leg downhill so straight, then


it was so hard to conrtol the turns and the speed


our Jenny, was very courageous, she was just one girl in the group, and younger


but slowly, doing snowplow,


smiling for the picture, she did it !


now, one of the best of the group, with rythme,


just don't forget to band the leggs and not your up body !


and now my study guy !


you had made a lot of progress


just try to transfer your weight outside the turn


and now it looks like hard !


and it was ! we were in a black run with deep snow


then for not to fall you try to be seat back (that's not the best solution)


or the other solution was to open the leggs


but ... it was not the best solution to !


oups ... ! it helps !


now with the second brother,


you have a nice style,


try to be more energetic : band more the leggs


and now my smaller pupil !


you lurn so much !


even if the syle was no't with us you lurn to pass every where !


congratulation !

And now, our last guy : he was impressive
every body was looking him : then just after one turn he fell of !!
to much pression !
then a small snowplow to loose some speed ...
that'it !

I was so happy to be with you all those week, and I hope to see you a next time !

Bye bye

retour journal des élèves 2008