A very nice internacional group with a lot of nice moments ... Look and see what they were be abble to do in 6 days. They were begginers !



Our Israelian man : Moshe knows everybody he can't be concetrated ! but no problem he control the situation,



with a nice snowplow, smiling, he had enjoyed to slide. He discover the genepi on the Aravet road ...



Ahhh, Renata, our brasilian woman : she loves ski because she laugh to much !!! she was always smiling !

I have to congratulate you and Moshe because even if you were realy tired you don't stop in the middle of the week ...

then everybody win the slopes and themselfs

Even if Sallie (daughter of Angela and Geoff) doesn't speak so much, she learns as well

Angela and Geoff, our english couple !

Angela learn very quickly the good position, very relax, and

smiling all time !!! here we are Geoff, banding forward,

so relax, and he always agree to have a rest to drink something in the bar !!!!
and even if you imagine his speed : slowly, he was going so fast :
I cut him ! I'm so sorry Geoff !

Now we meet Michaela ! she join us during the week, then it was not always easy for her,

but she try and win her fear, congratulation !


I'm so happy because on those week I had meet very nice people and I hope to meet them again. See you soon


Thank you Moshe for the pictures

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