Hello guys !!!!



How are you ? those pictures were taken during the last day going to Monétier



with this group we had ski everywhere ! in black runs, ofpist ....



you can see the level : looking ahead,



with hand forwad,

the weight on the leg outside the turn

banding correctly the legs

and most of time they went fast ...

of course each one has her defect,

but on this pictures you can see how is hard,

they pass without problem, on the firsts days of the week we were ofpist

they had lurned to have a good balance
and we laught so much !!!... it was funny to see the others how they were falling !!!
and even if it was tyring, they continue to ski !

that's why in the end of the week we had enough time to go to Monétier and do black runs

I present you Superwomen ... you will see why !!! ...

even the teachers were with us and tryed to follow us averywhere !!!


it was nice

and here we are with SUPERWOMEN !!!!!!

she tryed to not crash in a boy then she crashed on the blue board !! she broke it !!!


she decided to continue !!!

and at the hotel she told me that her finger was broken !!!!!

Even Bugsbunny was surprised !!!

I hope to see you a next time !! and thank you for this nice week !!!!


retour journal des élèves 2008